LeapTransit Becomes Limo Find

The premier limo service provider nationwide. If you’re looking for a limo sevice, party bus, charter bus in your city. We are here to help you find the most affordable limo provider.

In busy cities, finding a ride can be tough. However, with online services helping you locate the nearest bus, getting to work or to that special event becomes both easy and affordable.

LeapTransit.com was an app that helped customers track the nearest bus. Allowing users to see exactly where their bus is and the number of seats available, LeapTransit.com eliminated the need to stand in the curb.

Featuring a flexible design, the application worked with changing schedules. Instead of having to make advance reservations, all that you would need to do is walk out of your door and hop on the bus. With LeapTransit.com, customers were guaranteed clean and safe buses featuring enough personal space.

To solve more travel problems and offer additional services, LeapTransit.com has decided to become LimoFind.com. When traveling, people do not always need to ride a bus – some travelers may want to use a limousine, a party bus, minibus, shuttle bus, etc. With LimoFind.com, all this will be possible.

What is LimoFind.com

LimoFind.com makes it extremely easy for you to rent limousines, charter busses, and party buses from Limo Find company. The main services offered by LimoFind.com include:

Airport Limo Service

For employees, individuals, corporate clients, and families, getting to and from the airport on time is crucial. With LimoFind.com, you are guaranteed a reliable, safe, comfortable, smooth, and quiet airport ride.

Bachelorette Party Limo Service

LimoFind.com makes it possible for you to bid farewell to singlehood in style. Hop on a club themed party bus and drink the night away with your friends while dancing to your favorite beats.

Birthday Party Limo Services

Your Birthday is the only day that is all about you. LimoFind.com will help you find a ride that makes you feel on top of the world on this special day.

Corporate Limo Service

Sometimes you need to attend a special meeting away from your normal offices. Also, you may want to take your employees to a special event. LimoFind.com vehicles make attending corporate events extremely easy for groups of people and individuals.

Funeral Limo Service

Losing a close friend or a relative is devastating. In addition to helping you get to and from the funeral event, LimoFind.com helps those who have lost someone deal with the grieve by offering the best possible service.

Kids Party Limo Service

Treating your kids to a special party is one of LimoFind.com’s specialties. Inside LimoFind.com kid’s party buses, your children will get to enjoy video games, watching movies and their favorite shows while our drivers take them to their favorite destination.

Night on the Town Limo Service

Sightseeing is part of any good weekend. With LimoFind.com, exploring the town becomes much easier. You can drink while on the road, go dancing without having to worry about parking and get home safe and sound.

Prom Limo Service

Prom is one of the most important events for teenagers. LimoFind.com ensures that your young men and women arrive in style to the event, have fun to the fullest, and get home safely once the event is over.

Sporting Event Service

Team members and fans deserve a comfortable ride to the next big game. With spacious buses and limousines, LimoFind.com makes sure that everyone is relaxed en route to the game.

Wedding Limo Service

With LimoFind.com, you won’t have to worry about people getting to your wedding or reception late. LimoFind.com’s charter buses, limousines, shuttle buses, and party buses will make sure that everyone gets to the event on time.

Vehicles Offered by LimoFind.com

On LimoFind.com, you can find all types of luxury rides. The main rides include:

  • Limousines – These carry from as low as 8 people to as high as 20 passengers.
  • Party Buses – Basically clubs on wheels, LimoFind.com has party buses capable of carrying 8 to 50 passengers.
  • Charter Buses – With minibusses carrying 30 people and the biggest charter buses carrying 60+ people, LimoFind.com makes transporting big groups extremely easy.
  • Shuttle Buses – With shuttle buses capable of carrying between 15 and 28-passengers, LimoFind.com makes getting to that special event more convenient.
  • Sprinter Buses – With a capacity of 8 to 14 passengers, LimoFind.com sprinter buses eliminate the need to rent multiple cabs.

In Which Cities Can You Access LimoFind.com Services?

LimoFind.com serves all major cities in the United States. You should be able to get a great ride through LimoFind.com in Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Boston, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Orlando, Jacksonville, and New York.

When Will LeapTransit.com Become LimoFind.com?

LimoFind.com hopes to make its services accessible to LeapTransit.com users as quickly as possible. Hence, you should expect LeapTransit.com to become LimoFind.com by April 2020.

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