Review Trust Review

Is ReviewTrust really able to fulfill its promises?

Find out what ReviewTrust is really about in this comprehensive review!

Product : ReviewTrust

Created By : Brad Callen

Price : $197

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What Is ReviewTrust?

Social proof is key to increase conversion and engagement rates. It is the best way to increase your sales since most customers look for reviews and unbiased opinions before buying anything.

ReviewTrust simplifies the whole process of getting reviews by reminding the customer about their purchase, asking for a review and integrating it to your website without you having to do anything.

It is a wonderful way to automate the review gathering process and saves you some precious time asking for reviews or incorporating them into your website.

For consumers, you will have the ability to know for sure that the review you are reading emanates from a real prison and is not a fake review. Make the best purchasing decision possible, a fully educated one.

The concept is basic yet efficient: real reviews increase trust but are difficult to gather without investing a lot of time and effort. Get real and honest reviews instantly and display them on your website in a beautiful manner. Your customers will appreciate the fact that they have several trusted testimonials to refer to.

ReviewTrust is directly connected to your shopping cart and contacts the buyer a few days later, usually between 1 week and 1 month, to ask for his/her opinion. Authenticating and verifying the authenticity of the review are part of the features offered by the software.

What’s Included With Your Purchase?

You simply get ReviewTrust and connect your campaign to it. Shopify, Paypal, Clickbank and many others can be integrated with ReviewTrust. One line of code is enough.

What Else Is Included In The Package?

This is not a program that teaches you techniques on how to make money. This is a real software designed to increase profit and sales for your eCommerce websites and other online ventures. The product is not here to teach you anything about Ecommerce, it is rather here to help you make the most of your existing clients.
As such, it is really useful and brings real value to the online market.

How You Make Money With The System

As a customer, you will get new reviews (the more traffic and orders you receive, the more reviews you will get obviously) which will, in turn, increase your sales and your profit.

Otherwise, you can decide to promote ReviewTrust and get commissions every time somebody purchases the program through your link. Prizes are offered to the best affiliates.

What Are People Saying –

“Would Definitely Recommend. Using Review Trust has been awesome! We’ve seen boosts in conversion across multiple offers and sales funnels, and the customer feedback is invaluable.” CALLISTA BAUMGARTNER

This system may or may not get you the results you’re after but if you’re ready for real results online then hop on my free training webinar. Hurry up, spots are limited and this webinar will fill up FAST!