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What is Social Zen all about and will it live up to all the hype?

Find out the REAL TRUTH in this comprehensive review!

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Created by : OJ James + Austin Anthony

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What Is Social Zen Software All About?

Social Zen is a brand new social media marketing and automation tool that was crafted by OJ James and Austin Anthony.

If you run a wildly successful business these days then you’re on social media, PEDIOD.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, only those that don’t accept it and conquer it are!

Social Zen automates all of your  social media marketing campaigns across 7 different platforms which allows you to get bigger results, make more money, and spend less hours slaving to drive traffic and engagement!

social zen review

How Does The Software Work?

Social Zen is all about automation but the best part is that it works with ALL the top platforms you would expect from a world class software..

Here’s a list of the current platforms you can automate with the Social Zen software:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linkedin

If you wanted to run successful social marketing campaigns across all of these platforms yourself, you might be able to do it..

But you’re gonna be working your little ass off!

That’s where Social Zen comes into play.

How To Start Using The Software –

  1. Pick the platform(s) you want to market on
  2. Plug in your automated content and schedule it to go out based on the advanced features available inside the Zen software
  3. Social Zen will automate your entire marketing campaign including the engagement aspect that is soooo important!

Each of the platforms has different (pretty advanced) features that you can take advantage of..

Here’s an example of those features on Facebook :

  • Group Poster – Automate content out to your groups and start driving instant traffic
  • Fanpage Poster – Find hundreds of the most engaged fanpages in your niche in seconds


Why Should You Be Automated Your Social Media Campaigns?

If you’re NOT automating your social campaigns then you’re either spending hours every single day, spending a ton of cash on some service to handle your campaigns for you, or your NOT marketing on social at all!

That’s not good…

Start using Social Zen today and automate the most important aspects of your campaigns from content distribution to engagement!

Social Zen Live Video Review –

What’s Included With The Software?

The Software – You get instant access to the software so you can start automating your social campaigns across all the top platforms.

If you’re NOT doing this, your competition is.. Which means you’re losing.

The Training – Find out how to get the most out of the software inside the private members area.

Social Zen is like a bazooka – it’s a big tool and it packs a big punch. To get the most out of it you need to understand exactly how to make it work for YOU!

The Bonuses – On top of the awesome software and the training you’re getting my exclusive and limited bonus offer.

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How You Make Money With Social Zen Software?

If you’re not on social media then your competition is which means you’re LOSING!

There are nearly 2 billion people on Facebook and tons more on sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Social Zen makes it point and click simple to get in front of your target customers, build trust and authority through 100% automated content, and keeping your followers engaged and loving you and your business..

You don’t have to spend hours everyday or thousands on social media services to build a massive following, you just need to tap into the power of automation!

Cons –

  • You still have to create content that you can automate
  • You will NOT start printing $100s overnight – this will take effort!
  • There are other tools on the market that work like Social Zen

Pros –

  • Save thousands of hours every year on social marketing campaigns
  • Completely automate your social campaigns
  • Automate all your likes, comments, follows, and pins everyday
  • Tap into all the top social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and MORE
  • Driving more traffic and sales to ANY business

What Kind of Results Are People Getting With Social Zen Software?

How To Lock In Social Zen + My LIMITED Bonus?

  1. Click the button below and head to the official Social Zen website
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How To Lock In Social Zen + My LIMITED Bonus?

  1. Click the button below and head to the official Social Zen website
  2. Purchase instant access to the software before the doors close
  3. Contact me to get your bonuses sent with 24 hours or less!

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