What is Drop Shipping & Does It Work?

What is Drop Shipping and does it actually work?

Find out the REAL TRUTH in this comprehensive drop shipping breakdown!

First Things First, What The Heck Is Drop Shipping Anyway?

Drop shipping has been around for-ev-er (my best Sandlot voice) and I can guarantee you’ve purchased an item online and it has been “drop shipped” right to your doorstep.

You probably had no idea until now, but it’s true!

So here’s how it works :

  1. You go online to make a purchase at let’s just say, Walmart.
  2. Walmart takes your money and your shipping information and heads to their supplier.
  3. Walmart places your order with their supplier and gets your items sent direct from the supplier to your doorstep

If Walmart charged you $100 and the supplier charges $50, Walmart just banked $50 profit on your purchase and they didn’t have to warehouse the merch, ship the items, or invest thousands into the inventory!

The Drop Shipping Model Really is a Win, Win Win for everyone – the customer’s get their shtuff, the suppliers sell their stock, and the drop shipping company makes a profit too.

I’m a real visual learner like many of you I’m sure so here’s the breakdown of the entire drop ship model, step by step :

what is drop shipping

What Platforms Can You Use To Start a Drop Shipping Store?

There are probably close to a million ways to make money online and one of the most powerful methods is to tap in “ecommerce.”

There are a ton of ways to start an Ecommerce business online but the most important first step is to find a platform that works for drop shipping.

The platform is just where your store is going to be built – will it be on Amazon.com, Ebay, Shopify or some other platform?

So let’s talk about some of the most popular drop shipping platforms :


Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the planet with millions of users worldwide.

Getting your store all setup on Shopify is as simple as picking a pre-created template, uploading some products to your new store and finally plugging in your payment information so customers can make payments quickly and easily.

The setup process is beginner friendly on Shopify but there are a few “catches” that makes this method less “beginner” friendly.

  1. Products – Finding products to sell on your Shopify can cost a serious investment of both time and money. It’s your job to find products and test them with paid traffic to find a winner. This could mean up to 30 or more product tests to eventually find a winner!
  2. Traffic – Unlike many of the other platforms out there (Amazon, Ebay, etc), Shopify does NOT hand you traffic on a silver platter. You need to send paid traffic and that’ll cost ya money, testing, tweaking, and most of all, time.


Ebay is a great dropship platform and it allows you to start creating listings and start selling fast and easy.

There are a few problems with Ebay dropshipping though :

  • Low Margins – 10-15% is about average with so much competition
  • Tons of Products Required – My buddy who does Ebay dropship has 30,000 products listed!
  • Time To List Each Product – You have to manually craft the details, pics, and everything for each listing yourself
  • Strict Limitations – Ebay limits how many products you can sell, how much total sales you can make each month, and the list goes on.

While it is easy to get started with Ebay and list products for sale the high competition leads to sellers on a “race to the bottom,” limited the margins and forcing sellers to list tons of products to make good profits.


As with everything Amazon puts together, selling dropship style on Amazon is pretty simple and allows users to tap into hundreds of millions of buyers for just $39.99 per month.

When you pay the $40 per month for the professional account you can literally setup your foundation and start selling within minutes, the only thing left is to start listing some profitable products on your store!

I cover the entire Amazon drop ship model in this webinar right here.. It’s 100% free!

Benefits of Amazon Drop shipping…

  1. TONS of traffic – Amazon’s pushing 284 MILLION every 24 hours and you can get a peice of that for a measly $39.99
  2. Great Margins – Average margins range from 20-50% with our high margins above 128% in some cases!
  3. No Limitations – You can list as many products as you want right out of the gate.
  4. Quick & Easy – You never create a product listing yourself. Simply “piggyback” off proven listings that are already proven to sell.

How To Start Your Ecommerce Store Right Now..

Once you’ve picked a platform to build your ecommerce store and you’ve setup the basics like your return and shipping settings, it’s time to load your store full of products.

Amazon.com already has 160+ million buyers with credit card on file which means that all you need is to put hot selling products in front of those 160+ million buyers!

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What I Don’t Like About Drop Shipping..

Limited Control – Since the supplier is in control of the merchandise and the shipping there can be delays in the process that cause the customer to get impatient.

The best way to avoid this is to set expectations and let your customer’s know when to expect the shipment when they purchase.

Out of Stock Issues – Occasionally you may sell and item that is no longer available at your supplier. In this case, you may need to refund the order which will mean lost profits.

What I LOVE About Drop Shipping..

No HUGE Upfront Cost – You’re not forced to spend thousands of dollars buying tons of inventory up front from your supplier. Keep capital in your pocket and scale your business!

Plus, you don’t have to shell out a dime until YOU get paid first.

Easy To Start and Scale – You can literally start your store on Amazon.com in the next 15 minutes and all it takes to make more profit with Amazon drop shipping is to load more hot selling products into your store!

Time Flexibility – Build this business on your own time right from home with just 1 to 2 hours per day. You don’t have to quit your job to build a successful Amazon Drop shipping business!

Limited Overhead – You’re not going to have to spend thousands per month on warehousing, hiring someone to package hundreds of units per week or even spend a dime on shipping.

Does Drop Shipping Actually Work?

YES, it works for myself, it works for my students, and it works for thousands of people all over the world.

Keep in mind, though, that you ARE about to build a real business and while it does allow you all the awesome benefits I mentioned above it WILL take effort to get results like this..

That’s a screenshot of my Amazon store with a bit of grinding..

Can you hit those kind of numbers?

Yes, and I’ll show you how..

How To Start Your Drop Shipping Business Right Now –

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